University of Cape Town, upper campus. Copyright Jared McDonald. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported

“Livingstone’s Manuscripts in South Africa (1843-1872)” – Critical Edition Published

Livingstone Online is pleased to announce the launch of Livingstone’s Manuscripts in South Africa (1843-1872).

The launch of the edition marks the culmination of five years of collaboration between Livingstone Online staff and six participating institutions in South Africa. The project also represents the first time that Livingstone Online has partnered with repositories anywhere in southern Africa, and so opens the path for further such collaborations in the region, including with the Livingstone Museum in Zambia and the Jafuta Foundation in Zimbabwe.

Unlike other Livingstone Online initiatives, the “Livingstone’s Manuscripts in South Africa (1843-1872)” critical edition was developed without external funding. On the whole, the project has been brought to completion by the voluntary efforts of the project team, to whom the project directors, Jared McDonald and Adrian S. Wisnicki, extend their warm gratitude. The directors also wish to thank the participating repositories and their representatives for their willingness to contribute to the present edition.

Some of the highlights of the new edition include:

The edition is also beautifully illustrated with a wide variety of high-quality, critically-remediated images. The images offer additional insights into the historical circumstances in which Livingstone operated as well as present-day contexts, across the region, in which his legacy continues to be remembered and preserved.

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